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Holistic: adjective. looking at the whole system, a complete approach touching all aspects.

Faith: noun. trust, confidence, something that is believed with strong conviction.

Following Jesus: Dying to your agenda. When you follow Jesus it’s all consuming – our whole life falls under His shadow – whether at work, home, social life, thoughts…everything. King Jesus is preeminent. He is the center. This is the journey – every moment of every day. Holistic Faith is about stumbling after Jesus, and all that it entails.

The work here very much reflects a long journey and struggle – a transformation. There are times when I’m angry, confused, and/or wrestling with faith, the Bible, the Church, theology, and/or culture in real time. There are times when I’m upset with Christian hypocrisy, yet failing to see my own. There are times when I’m preachy, times when I’m reflective, and times when I’m deeply concerned about something.

There are also times when I may be off the mark and/or have changed my opinion since posting. There may be a time or two when I get out of the way enough to let God work through me. In short, it’s all far from perfect. I aim for honesty and authenticity, trying to keep my eyes on Jesus. Hence – a journey – it’s not always neat and tidy.

What path are you on? How do you live out your life? What’s your framework? Where do you get your identity? What’s your foundation?

I live in Massachusetts with my 4 amazing kids (Thomas, Faith, Katy, and Maggie) and my incredible wife, Nicole. I have a degree in Comparative Religion from Tufts University. I tinker around on this Internet thing. And I’m currently working on a Masters of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary – which means I read and study a lot – usually at night – after the kids are in bed.

Thanks for reading this far 🙂
~ Ted

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