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Living Audaciously

I’m heading to the Global Leadership Summit tomorrow. Very excited – great speaker line up, and Willow Creek does a fantastic job coordinating the whole thing. The summit tag line is, Lead where you are. I love this because it’s so empowering. And it’s a reminder to get off our duffs!

For too many years Christian teaching has gone something like this – you’re a sinner, repent, Jesus will save you, now go to church on Sundays. While there is truth this, of course, it’s delivered ineffectively, and it fails to tell the more complete and accurate story of following Jesus and living in the kingdom. It lacks grace…

God’s grace is a gift. Literally. Dallas Willard writes this in his book, The Spirit Of The Disciplines:

When we understand that Grace (charis) is gift (charisma), we then see that to grow in grace is to grow in what is given to us of God and by God.

God gives us gifts. We are to use them, enhance them, grow in them. Not to is to die. If we’re not using what our creator gave us then what is life? This model is exemplified in the Parable Of The Talents. The short version is that a rich guys gives some money to three of his servants. The first two invested the money and made a decent return. The third buried his money. The rich guy was ticked.

We can’t bury our gifts. It poisons and destroys our lives – life is also another gift. In light of the Willow Creek Summit, we can take whatever gifts we have (writing, painting, talking, walking) and put them to use right now. If we’re not sure what our gifts are, prayer, silence, and solitude is a good start and may yield some results.

If we must bury something, let’s write down all of our fears of what could happen if we took a chance on a piece of paper. Then let’s dig a hole and bury the paper, and get to work. Then, let’s step out and live audaciously.

Check out the video below. I saw this kid speak last year. He’s good.

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~ Ted Olson

Steven Furtick – Audacious Faith


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