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A Conversation With The Devil

Conversation With DevilIn the video below, Craig Groeschel does a great job interviewing the devil about his thoughts on the church. It’s done in a humorous way and packed with truth. It’s similar to C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, highlighting the work of demonic forces in our midst. Now, many don’t believe in demonic forces, arguing that it’s all myth and/or religious superstition. However, few can deny that despite our best efforts we tend to tear each other down rather than build each other up – there are forces at work (inside and outside us) that we can’t control.

The video reminds me of a John Ortberg quote, paraphrased – If you think the church is messed up from the outside, you ought to see it from the inside. And yet – despite the brokenness of “church” people, God is still able to build his Kingdom. In fact, only the inadequate are adequate to do God’s work – to borrow from Tim Keller.

It’s when we start to think that we have all the answers that things go astray. We push the Spirit right out of our lives. In our fear, we set up rules, dogma, and fences that have little to do with Jesus. We’re not comfortable just letting go and letting God work through us – and through our inadequacy. Instead, we’d rather create/follow hard and fast rules – and force everyone to do the same – whether it’s how we dress, how we vote, or the Bible that we use.

When we can abandon ourselves to God, he can light us up and work through us in powerful ways.

Enjoy the video…

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~ Ted Olson

A Conversation With the Devil


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