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And God Said…

Creation StoryOne of the things I love about the creation story is its poetic structure. It builds and builds until it reaches the crown jewel, the pinnacle, of God’s handiwork – mankind. I love too, how it illustrates God’s power. He speaks (And God said), and things happen – out of nothing – and it was good.

We’ve got a bit lost since then, we rebelled, but God is after us. Anyway, here’s my attempt at a modern poetic version of the creation story…

Gen 1:3….

And God said,

Let there be light
Let there be a sky
Let water gather, let ground appear

Then God said,

Prepare for vegetation here

And God said,

Let there be lights in the sky separating day and night
Let waters teem with living things, let birds fly high in the sky
Let the land produce living creatures of all kinds

Then God said,

Give them dominion. Give them opinion
I will bless them with my grace and forgiveness

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted


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