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Answered Prayer

It’s easy to pray. It’s harder to recognize the answers. Sometimes answers come quickly. Other times it’s a dramatic lesson in patience and suffering. Sometimes, however, the answers are directly in front of us. With just a little mind shift, a whole new world opens up. It did for me in a very surprising way recently.

One wish, desire, prayer that’s always in the back of my mind is a desire to be free – free from hateful thoughts, free from the prison of my mind, free from the forces that keep pulling me from God. In short, the freedom to be my true self. These prayers have been answered in dozens of ways. It’s been, and still is, a bit of a journey, as I was on a dark road for years. But something else has been added.

When God answers prayer, it’s complete. Sometimes beyond our wildest imagination. This has happened to me with my kids, my marriage, my work – over and over (both the subtle and the big things). One recent surprise seems rather silly, but it’s always tortured me. I can’t dance.

I’ve always wanted to dance, freely – without care. I’ve sat at many a dances (in high school) and weddings and social events never able to let myself go. While I didn’t pray for this specifically, I did pray for this type of freedom. The answer was right in front of me with my twin 7-year-old daughters.

I peeked into the playroom recently to find my daughter, Faith, dancing up a storm. She asked me to join her. No big deal, right? Actually, right. I was able to jump in and move my body in ways that you wouldn’t care to see. But I was free! Not only did we have a great time, but my other daughter, Katy, needed a dance partner too. Now I was dancing with freedom plus getting a workout! After the 6th dance to “Too Cool,” I realized the incredible blessing and a profound answer to prayer.

“Too Cool” is touch self-obsessed, but the tune and beat kill it! Enjoy the video…(don’t worry, it’s not me dancing)

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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