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Have You Experienced Love Like This?

The Father's LoveAs Christians, we often speak of the Father’s love. It’s all over the Bible so it’s kind of hard to avoid it. That said, words, while critical, can only take us so far. What we really desire is to experience, to feel, the Father’s love for us.

But what does this “feel” like?

The feelings associated with the Father’s love are likely as varied as there are individuals, but it will be distinct, memorable, unforgettable – life changing.

Tim Keller described the difference of knowing about God and experiencing God’s love with an illustration of a little boy walking down the street with his father. Walking down the road hand and hand with dad is great; however, it’s an entirely different experience when your father picks you up and hugs you tightly.

The 3:00 minute video below will give you a taste of the Father’s love for us. I invite you to watch, you will not regret it.

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~ Ted Olson

Short Video:


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