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Listening To God

Listening To GodI was taking a moment to pray the other day when a friend popped into my head. So I started to pray for them. I followed the thought, or rather drifted off with thoughts. They didn’t entirely feel like my own. And then God prompted me, telling me to go and do what I was thinking. Sound weird? It is.

It’s weird because we’re uncomfortable even talking about God let alone listen to what He (the Creator of the universe) might have to say to us. Perhaps some are thinking, “So…Ted hears voices….riiight.” But we all hear voices. We just tune into different stations and frequencies. Sometimes we create our own stations listening only to the music we like. When we hear a tune we don’t like, we immediately reach for the dial.

While praying, I was hearing a tune that was awkward to my ears. But I kept listening. It was saying, go tell your friend that you love her. My response and the ensuing discussion went something like this:

Me: What? Really? Oh, man. That’s not my style.

God: Go tell her you love her.

Me: That’s going to be really awkward – I don’t like awkward.

God: Go tell her you love her.

Me: But she’s going to think I’m creepy and take it the wrong way.

God: Tell her “why” you love her – that you love her for her – not for anything she does – not for her success – not for her accomplishments – but just for her. That’s how you love her, correct?

Me: Yes, but…

God: Go tell her you love her.

Me: Crap.

So I did. I pulled her aside and said, as awkward as all heck, “Hi, yeah, so um, like I was just praying and you popped into my head and God told me to tell you I love you and why…etc. I laid it all out there. She thanked me and hugged me. I thought that was it – mission accomplished Sir, what’s next?

And then, as the conversation flowed, I referenced a compliment I had given her the previous day. To my surprise, she hadn’t heard it as a compliment, but an insult – not a big one – but it was enough to create a rift that would have grown and grown. The rift was closed right then and there.

Following God is scary, but He always has cool plansĀ  – whether we know them or not.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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  1. Okay, look,”hearing voices… right” is pretty much my mindset. However, in this instance… you know what? I don’t care if it was a voice – it was right.

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