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Oh No! Not Another Evangelist!

I wrote an article entitled Jesus and Buddha. I focused on how Jesus’ message is ignored compared to Buddha’s teachings. I offered a few opinions on why and left it at that. I received a great comment from a Buddhist clarifying the “ultimate.” His comment and post reminded me how much baggage Christianity lugs around because he referred to me as an evangelist – it wasn’t a compliment.

In his response article, he started with, Evangelist Ted Olson has written…. I chuckled. He then assumed I was arguing Christianity is superior to Buddhism, and then suggested that since I already have the Truth, I have no need for the Buddha’s teaching. I stopped chuckling.

I understood why he would come to such conclusions. I stopped laughing because more and more I see the results of the destructive teachings of Christianity around the world. Those that are supposed to preach the Good News, assert Their News. Those that are supposed to seek the Kingdom, create their own Empire. Those who claim to follow Jesus, follow their own agenda.

While I do not know the full story of my friend, he notes, I have been accustomed to evangelicals reducing Buddhism to simplistic absurdity to assert Christian superiority. This attitude is the primary reason why I struggle at times to call myself a Christian because it’s associated with this type of thinking. I want nothing to do with it.

As for “Truth,” this is another thing that Christians toss out there like pixie dust, or as a weapon. What is this truth? Yes Jesus is the way – I can’t back off that. But I’d argue that many sadly do not know Jesus’ truth internally, and/or have grown up under heavily distorted or half teachings.

As far as me being an evangelist, maybe. The evangelist’s goal is to articulate the gospel – sometimes I do. I also love discussions – to learn what others experience, think, and feel. I like to make new friends and journey together.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted


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