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Why My Pool Is Like Church

kids-poolAs I was watching my four kids, and two neighborhood friends splash around my $90 plastic pool, I realized something about church. You see, when folks talk about church, they talk about the worship music, or the great pastor, the powerful preaching, or they focus on the building. While this stuff is great, it’s the people. It’s always about the people.

Yes, you may say, we all know that, of course! If we do, it’s often forgotten in the sense that most activities and emphasis leans toward “Churchy” stuff – ministries, programs, small groups, furniture…etc. For a great book on this check out Imagine Church by Neil Hudson – or any of the Frontline material from the LICC.

It’s the people – the Eclessia – the assembly of people called out by the Lord. They’re the church – His church. The music may need work, the preaching may not be what it could be, and maybe the pastor’s getting on in years. But it’s the people that matter – the community.

Back to my pool. You see, my pool is pretty low in terms of pool standards, as if the price tag hadn’t given that away. But that didn’t matter to the six kids who were playing and splashing, squealing with joy. They were in community, laughing, loving, playing, and having fun – celebrating life.

Interestingly, the two neighborhood friends both have pools. Their pools are far superior to mine. One is a full in-ground pool directly across the street from my house – like 50′ away. The other is a fulled “decked-out” above ground pool. None of this mattered. The people did. Community.

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~ Ted Olson


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