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Where Are You?

Where are you? At this stage in your life, where do you find yourself? Not your accomplishments, or your specific location, but where are "you?" Put another another way, where is your heart? I'm reading a great book by Fleming Rutledge. She notes, almost in passing, that the first words from God after Adam/Eve took off on their own (what Christians call "the fall") is, "Where are you?" The implication of course is that "we" have walked away from God, … [Read more...]

An Amazing Response To A Bad Day

In the Book of Acts, the Apostle Paul and his entourage were traveling to the "place of prayer." While on the way, a servant girl began hounding them to the point that Paul rebuked her spirit of divination. The owners of the girl freaked out and dragged them into town. The townspeople got in on the action, and they (Paul and Silas) were severely beaten and flogged. Then, they were tossed in jail (in the dark, damp inner cell), and their ankles were … [Read more...]

As For Me…

In a culture of self-reliance, personal achievement, and individual growth and success, I was struck by these simple words from King David (King of Jerusalem - 1040-970 BC). He writes (sings), As for me, I am poor and needy. Come quickly, oh God! You are my help and my deliverer. Lord, do not delay (Psalm 70:5). What a way to end a tune, "poor and needy...?" Thanks to Steve Brown for clarifying in his book, Leading Me, "poor and needy" is exactly right. … [Read more...]

Have You Experienced Love Like This?

As Christians, we often speak of the Father's love. It's all over the Bible so it's kind of hard to avoid it. That said, words, while critical, can only take us so far. What we really desire is to experience, to feel, the Father's love for us. But what does this "feel" like? The feelings associated with the Father's love are likely as varied as there are individuals, but it will be distinct, memorable, unforgettable - life changing. Tim Keller … [Read more...]

From Where Does Your Help Come?

My 11-year-old son put the video below together. It's really cool. I so love how music and images can tell such a powerful story. Enjoy. Thanks, ~ Ted   Lift My Eyes - Bebo Norman … [Read more...]

Your Brain On God

I recently had a powerful experience with God. It was the kind that buckled me over in tears. I've been wondering why? What was it about that moment that was different. The only difference, that day, was music. The experience occurred after listening to music. Why? I come from a long background (and culture) of skepticism, questioning everything, relying heavily on reason and intellect. But the breakthrough that day was so undeniable and much more … [Read more...]

Women Should Teach This

Martha loved all things Martha Stewart. She knew how to decorate, bake just the right cake with all the ornamentation, set out matching napkins - the whole bit. And she could host. She could plan from the simple to the elaborate. She knew what was best, and she knew what people expected of her. She was well trained in the social morays of her day. In such an environment, her culture defined her. Her identity was drawn from her ability to perform the … [Read more...]

What’s Your Purpose?

What's your purpose in life? Notice this question isn't asking what's the purpose of life, rather, what's your purpose. Some will answer happiness. That is, "My purpose in life is to be happy." Others, might say, more cryptically, "My purpose in life is to live it." There are lots of answers, of course, but I think there is only one correct answer. That is, there is only one answer complete enough to cover one's purpose - anyone's purpose. I know when … [Read more...]

Why My Pool Is Like Church

As I was watching my four kids, and two neighborhood friends splash around my $90 plastic pool, I realized something about church. You see, when folks talk about church, they talk about the worship music, or the great pastor, the powerful preaching, or they focus on the building. While this stuff is great, it's the people. It's always about the people. Yes, you may say, we all know that, of course! If we do, it's often forgotten in the sense that most … [Read more...]

What’s The Gospel?

What is the Gospel? It's an interesting question answered a variety of ways. My favorite answer, borrowed from historian John Dickson, is that the Gospel is the Gospel. That is, it's the contents of the first four books of the New Testament (one Gospel found in four books) - that's why they're called "the Gospel." Simple, right? Actually, yes. However, it can still be confusing. Here are a few things to consider (most borrowed from Fee, Dickson, Wright, … [Read more...]