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The Wisdom Of Monks

I've been reading some classic Christian literature. It's absolutely amazing. The faith these folks practiced is profound. It's not the hypocritical stuff we're so used to seeing, and making fun of (e.g. Shit Christians Say). Rather, it has some really great teaching if we can get past our biases. The following comes from Thomas A Kempis - a Medieval monk. It's from his work entitled, The Imitation Of Christ. Keep in mind he was a monk so his language … [Read more...]

What Is God?

"Who is god" is a common question, and an important one. Asking "What is God" is just as important. So many things come to mind when we hear the word God. Our thoughts can range from religion, to judgment, to spirituality. There are a number of ways to break this down, but these three are up there. But what about relationship? Is this a possibility? Years ago I was playing tennis with a friend. Afterwards we were discussing theology - a favorite topic … [Read more...]

Stop Shoulding On Yourself

I've discovered the limits of my intellect too many times. Whether it be in my marriage, or with my kids, or just dealing with life, my intellect and rationale fail me, repeatedly. They torture me, really. I think that things should be a certain way, that my kids and wife should do certain things, that life should bend to my desires, that I should handle it all better. I should all over myself and everyone else. It's not natural. This can be mundane … [Read more...]

Great Expectations

When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help. ~Thich Naht Hanh. O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love. ~ Saint Francis of Assisi Great quotes from great teachers. The simplicity is obvious. Putting these words into practice is a tad … [Read more...]

Oh No! Not Another Evangelist!

I wrote an article entitled Jesus and Buddha. I focused on how Jesus' message is ignored compared to Buddha's teachings. I offered a few opinions on why and left it at that. I received a great comment from a Buddhist clarifying the "ultimate." His comment and post reminded me how much baggage Christianity lugs around because he referred to me as an evangelist - it wasn't a compliment. In his response article, he started with, Evangelist Ted Olson has … [Read more...]

Whose Side Are You On?

I was listening to a lecture by Professor Bruce Waltke on some Old Testament stuff. I know, I know, exhilarating. Bear with me. Although I was driving while listening, I think I got the point regarding expectations. We all have expectations of God. Do this. Give me that. Fix this. Help me. We cry out day and night. And God is quite happy to assist. But there are expectations of us too - one really big one - one that we can't miss - whose side are we on? … [Read more...]

God: Up Close And Personal

In the Sermon On The Mount Jesus lays down several foundational truths that most either miss, reinterpret, or ignore. This, of course, leads to much of the mess Christianity is in right now, and why so many resent the Church. I'm going to fix all this, right now - no hem... This chat on the hill is not a list of spiritual conditions to strive for. Despite what many scholars and philosophers have been saying for years, it's not the ultimate … [Read more...]

The Changing Gospel

Some Christians cling to their Bible like the drowning clutch a life preserver. The words mean everything to them. Here's the trouble with this - the interpretation of the words, and the back story behind them may miss the mark. The message of Jesus can be misunderstood to the point of actually missing his core points, leaving one to, well, drown. Many of the misguided stories come from the right and left of Christianity. They're either telling us to … [Read more...]

Waiting To Die

There's  a widespread belief that when we die, all will be fine - that we'll be made perfect. That somehow "just passing through death" will transform us into really cool people, notes Dallas Willard. These Christian beliefs are widespread, and, in many cases, i would argue, render many to sit around waiting to die. Rather than embracing God today (and his Kingdom project ushered in by His messiah, Jesus) and allowing him to radically change our lives … [Read more...]