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What Can Heineken Teach The Church

What do you think the church can learn from this Heineken advertisement/video, below? Curious as to your thoughts. Does it resonate? Why or why not? Does it help us see the necessity to listen - to connect as people? Does it help us to see the need to cross boundaries like Jesus did and have a discussion at a well, or at a bar over a beer? Let me know what you think? Thanks, Ted Here's the video: … [Read more...]

Losing Dory?

“Finding Dory” (2016). I went to this film with high expectations. After all, my 13-year-old son exclaimed that his best friend declared, “It was the best movie, EVER!” Plus, as a Pixar fan, I was happy to go. The film centers on Dory, the little blue fish with memory issues, who is trying to get home. The film repeatedly cuts to Dory’s early life (memory flashes) with her mom and dad, causing her to long for home. With the help of familiar friends … [Read more...]

4 Things Blocking You From God

1) NO GOD - we live in a culture that, in many, many ways, says that there is no God. God is not recognized or honored, and has been systematically removed from many public and/or prestigious institutions. God's been shoved aside as a private affair for those nuts who still entertain such thoughts. It's what we can see and measure (and thus control) that rules the day. With this thinking pounding away at is, especially in light of all the wonderful … [Read more...]

A Massive Reordering

I've been listening to a lecture series based on a book by Peter Jones entitled, Only Two Religions. It's good. He outlines the transformation he has witnessed in the US since the 1960s. In short, it's been nothing less than a massive reordering of society, culture, even the cosmos. This reordering stems from new beliefs, which are actually old pagan beliefs, which seek to replace western ideals of marriage, God, family - essentially all the … [Read more...]

Five Guidelines for Great Leadership

If we use Jesus as the ultimate paradigm for leadership, what does it look like? What should a Christian leader look like? Based on the media, something's amiss in Christian leadership. Scott Rodin, has written an incredible book entitled, Steward Leader, which every Christian leader, and anyone who wants to truly lead well, should read. The following is a review full of quotations and thoughts from Rodin's book blended in with my own perspective. … [Read more...]

Out Popped The Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood heads off through the woods to Grandma’s house to bring her a basket of goodies. Her instructions from her mom: stay on the path, don’t touch the goodies – they’re for grandma to help her feel better. Off she confidently heads down the path on a beautiful sunny day, birds signing, flowers smiling – out popped the wolf. Wolf: What’s in the basket? Red: Some goodies for grandma. I’m on my way to her house. Wolf: Can I see? Red: … [Read more...]

The Problem Is Simple

"Love and lust - you can have both!" "Divorce doesn't have to break up a family!" "Divorce not an option? We'll help you get the satisfaction you deserve with private affairs." This is some of the modern wisdom that is whirling around - and it's not just in the check-out line of low-end convenience stores. Rather, this is stuff you can find at such high-brow institutions as Whole Foods. What's going on? Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, smoothies, … [Read more...]

The Sacred Facebook Scrolls

In light of our daily Facebook meditations, consider this quote from Medieval monk, Thomas a Kempis (1380-1471), from the book, The Imitation of Christ. We could enjoy much peace if we did not busy ourselves with what other people say and do, for this is no concern of ours. How can anyone remain long at peace who meddles in other people's affairs; who seeks occasion to gad about, and who makes little or no attempt at recollection? Blessed are the … [Read more...]

We Have An Identity Issue

Our core is our identity. Our core is who we are. So, who are you? What's your core? How do you determine who you are? Is it by your job, relationship status, wealth, fitness, youth...? Our culture screams to us to make our identity with the right clothes, car, hairstyle, and even our thoughts on equality, diversity, and more. Jesus knows this, and puts his finger on it repeatedly. To the woman who complimented Jesus' mother, Luke tells us this. As he … [Read more...]

4 Must-See Movies For The Married

Below are four movies that show some of the realities of marriage. They may help you see the perspective of your spouse - which is critical, but often a very difficult thing to do with years of resentment built up, hidden hostility, bad patterns, hurt feelings...etc. Now Hollywood is not my primary source for advice on marriage, but movies are fun, entertaining, and they can be helpful, when looking for it. Hopefully, we can identify with some of the … [Read more...]