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Principle of Christian School Says 8-Year-Old Girl Not Feminine Enough

The principle of a Christian school says an 8-year-old girl is not feminine enough and that she should seek her education elsewhere. Video below. What happened? How could this have been handled differently? Here are a few questions that came to my mind, but would love to hear your thoughts: What is really underlying the decision? Reputation? Ego? False pride? There seems to be a lack of understanding of how boys/girls develop. Many kids dress, … [Read more...]

I Hear You Culture

I hear you calling me. Calling me to be free. To live abundantly. To break the shackles of "religious" thinking. To free my mind to explore all the universe has to offer me. You're very good at what you do. You strike the core of our emptiness and longing. But you're a liar. You're not real. You're not Truth, though you make us think you are. You play with the lives that belong only to the Living One, making empty promises and forcing people to strive … [Read more...]

I Respect All Beliefs

Do you? I know it's popular, but really? All beliefs? "I respect all beliefs" is a common refrain, especially today.  We like to think we're open and accepting. But we're not - and here's the thing - we're not supposed to be. In fact, that kind of respect and acceptance would be absurd. Is it okay to sacrifice children? Is it okay for a man to beat his wife? How about polygamy? These are beliefs that many hold. Are we to respect these beliefs? Some come … [Read more...]

Hard Work Is Important

Hard work is important. I was raised on it - reputations lived and died by it. No one wanted to be seen as lazy or not breaking a sweat. I still recall, however, that there was a balance - hard work and patience. Drive and humility. This is fading, fast. The old adage that good things come to those who wait, is being replaced by our ever-increasing demands. We want it now! What have we lost? What are we losing? Hard work is important, but how about … [Read more...]

What Do You Really Look Like?

Watch the video below. It'll highlight how you think of yourself and your looks compared to how others see you. From a marketing perspective, it's a brilliant move by Dove. It taps something spiritual while masking its commercialism. However, the video underscores (and perpetuates) what many fail to see - that we value ourselves with externals. How do you value yourself? From what foundational beliefs does your value come? Many do not know this vital … [Read more...]

Embracing The Doubt

Many are doubtful of Christian claims. Christianity is viewed as just another religion - along with all the rest - Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism...etc. The doubts are usually legitimate. That is, folks wrestle with Christian theology and its implications (creation, sin, redemption, hell, new creation, Jesus...etc). Others are skeptical for philosophical reasons. We're steeped in relativism (no absolutes), subjectivity (my perspective), and pluralism … [Read more...]

Why We’re a Hashtag Away From Revolution

We are on the brink of major change. Folks are fed up with government, education, healthcare, the food industry, religion, and more. We've been fed up for awhile, but have had little recourse, but to try and work within existing frameworks. This has all changed. Thanks to technology, we're incredibly connected. We're connected in a literal heartbeat. It's this connectivity that will drive the revolution. Briefly, and just from looking around and reading … [Read more...]

It’s Bigger Than You

You may have seen the slogan, "It's Not A Religion, It's A Relationship." It's another one of those quips that make you say, "Yeah!" But then, if you think about it long enough, "Hey, wait a minute...." Another one says, "Jesus Is My Savior, Not My Religion." What are these folks getting at? One thing for sure is that we live in a culture that distrusts religion - especially organized religion. While there can be good reason for this distrust, the motives … [Read more...]

The Roadless

Many are fond of Robert Frost's poem,"The Road Not Taken." It's the one where we learn that the road less traveled "makes all the difference." We might be inclined to romance the idea that we are indeed on a road less traveled. We're adventurers, right? We listen to our inner spirits that beckon us to greater and greater things. We're open to new ideas. We're accepting of every one and every ideology. There is no absolute truth. Truth is subjective. The … [Read more...]

Do Not Hinder Them

If you're like me, you may have grown up feeling like you were not very important. It's unlikely that you would have been able to put words to it - you were too young, too confused, and, quite frankly, too hurt. While some kids suffer incredible, disgusting, and/or frightening tragedies, many kids suffer more subtly - as second-class citizens, if you will. The effects of this are long lasting. Some of us turn to drugs, alternative lifestyles, work, … [Read more...]