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Blessed Are The Gay?

I see a lot of anti-gay rhetoric from Christians. That they don't condone it is one thing, but the hatred that's spewed out is alarming. Judgement and hatred don't jive with Jesus' message. So what's going on here? Jesus invited tax collectors, Samaritans, whores, and criminals to hang out with him - everyone knows this. These were the most despised people of his day. What was he teaching? Hatred or invitation to a new life in him? In the Sermon On … [Read more...]

Changing Your Mind

I discovered a profound truth recently. It occurred while I was asking my kids to brush their teeth. They didn't. They didn't even listen. Why? I don't speak kid. My language and expectations come from the well-known and ever-prevalent top-down, authoritative, might-is-right approach. Go brush your teeth. Why? Because you need to. It's that time. I said so. What my kids hear: blah, blah, blah! Kids speak a different language - a better one. It's … [Read more...]

Are You Thinking For Yourself?

When I was 17 I knew everything. In one of my many rants, I was discussing belief in God, religion, and spirituality with an older friend. You know, light stuff. Toward the end of my pontificating my friend smiled and said, "We're heavily influenced by culture." I didn't get it at the time. When I was preparing to go to college (in my late 20's), my same friend said, "Colleges are heavily influenced by culture." I still didn't get it. I didn't start … [Read more...]

How Can I Be Happy And Confident

I drove by a window display that had a picture of a male model dressed in an incredible blue suit with all the bells and whistles. In bold letters it stated: CONFIDENT. I wanted the suit, and the CONFIDENCE. I was also intrigued at what the marketing was targeting - a lack of confidence in us men. This is smart marketing. We men don't like to admit it, but we do lack confidence. We've gotten very good at covering it up though. We use our jobs, status, … [Read more...]

How Can I Be Happy – Part 4

In our ongoing "How Can I Be Happy Series," I stumbled across an important lesson. It's a painfully simple message - be calm. What? You mean be calm even in the midst of turmoil, chaos, upheaval? How is that possible? I was asking myself these questions while cleaning up after dinner the other night. I was getting pretty worked up, as I could not see how I could maintain calm when the kids were fighting, the house was a mess, I had a ton to do...etc. … [Read more...]