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Discipline, Respect, and Obedience

In regards to parenting, most Christians (and most parents for that matter) have a traditional view of discipline, respect, and obedience. That is, children must be taught to obey and to respect their elders. Discipline measures vary, but range from time-outs to spanking. The trouble is, the thinking behind and action from their Christian beliefs often do not reflect their teacher, Jesus. Many of us grew up in homes where kids were to be seen and not … [Read more...]

Living The Life You Always Wanted

I was watching a landscaper cutting grass the other day. He had head phones on, and, based on his rhythmic motions, was thoroughly enjoying his music while he navigated the large mower. For all I know he could have just won the lottery. But the point, he was happy with very little. We spend a lot of time filling our lives with more luxurious cars, homes, jewelry, clothes. We struggle for better jobs, and more money. We want to be successful. We want to … [Read more...]

The Amazing Power Of People

I'm surrounded by people that teach me how to live life to the fullest. They're just like you and me, and possess incredible gifts. Some are close to me. Others are casual friends. They all play a crucial part of the very important work in progress that is me. One friend, I call the Protector. He'll go after anything that threatens people's safety. He'll chase a wild animal down the street, if necessary. He teaches me to be courageous. Another I call … [Read more...]

The World’s Greatest Teacher Ignored

There's a missing component in Christianity. It's so big, few even see it. Jesus, God's greatest teacher, is not seen as a teacher. Instead he's exalted to such a divine status that people are encouraged to fall down and worship him. When we do this, we miss what he was trying to do. Jesus is described as lots of things, but a primary role was to invite us and to teach us to live in God's world. He wanted to teach us the skills to do this - not do it … [Read more...]

Why The Me Generation Is Killing You

I read more and more about "me." That is, there are a swarms of slogans flying around like "I'm me, like it or not." Or, "All I can do is be me, whatever that is." And, "Everyday remind yourself that you are the best." Great, wonderful, but it's all a product of the me generation. Is it helping us? Not even close. To be clear, the "Me" generation refers to Baby Boomers, though it has nasty effects on us today. Writer Tom Wolfe coined the term in the … [Read more...]

The Search For Happiness

We're all searching for happiness. Some seek it through material things. Others through spiritual things. But what is it we're seeking? Is it to be confident, secure, complete? And what do these mean? I think this isn't enough. I want to live an unshakable life now – one free from loneliness, fear, anxiety and filled with constant peace and joy. I don't want to need praise from others. I don't want to be paralyzed or humiliated by someone’s dislike or … [Read more...]

Give People The Time

We live in a world that is quick to dismiss people. We do it self-righteously too. We see nothing wrong with calling people idiots, jerks, or worthless. We also see it as a waste of our time to try to help, get to know, or understand someone who may be struggling. What happened to community? In in article entitled What If Your Assumptions Are Wrong, Sharon Hayes writes this: What if the girl who seems standoffish is just shy? What if your friend … [Read more...]

Would We Do It?

If someone said we could feel 10, even 20 years younger, with a simple diet change would we do it? If it promised to extend our life, as well as improve our quality of life, would we do it? If it made us more intelligent, peaceful, happy, would we do it? Is anyone telling us this is possible? Well, yes, actually. There's a booming subculture that's been eating a raw diet and changing their entire lives. Eliminating processed foods and sticking with what … [Read more...]

Bumper Sticker Religion

I love reading bumper stickers. In Boston we call them Bumpha Stickhas. They reveal so much about culture, beliefs, and life in general. I came across one that stated: I get along with God just fine. It's his fan club that drives me nuts. This is a popular sentiment. Unfortunately, it's delusional. I too used to say me and God are fine. I pushed away the religious, or kept my guard up very high when around them. Religion, especially the institution of … [Read more...]

Personal Happiness

Personal happiness is a hot topic. Think life coaches, therapy, exercise, spirituality, diets. We're looking to be better - to be happy. While personal happiness is indeed important, it's impact on community is even more profound. Let me back up for a second. We spend a lot of time trying to fix the outside - quitting smoking, eating better - these are great, and we should do these things. But it's the internal characteristics we possess that wreak so … [Read more...]