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Tapping God’s Energy

I've written a lot about the power that God wants to share with us. Generally, I'm referring to the incredible enhanced mental and spiritual power as well as the clarity and knowledge that accompany these. Now, this is huge, but God provides us even more. In The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard discusses the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. It's a fantastic story on so many levels. Willard focuses in on what Jesus says at the … [Read more...]

Paint The Barn Red

In the never ending quest for happiness, we tend to try all sorts of things - exercise, eating right, counseling, medication. These are the more positive approaches. The list could be drugs, alcohol, pornography...etc. Why don't any of these work very well, or for long? Don't get me wrong, exercise, eating right - all great. But it doesn't lead to that inner peace we all seek. Why? I heard an old quote recently that went something like this: You can … [Read more...]

How You Can Be Happy – Money

I knew it! Money can buy you happiness! In the video below, Michael Norton describes how money can definitely buy happiness when spent a certain way. The data he shows is really interesting - what the religious and/or spiritual have known for some time. Notice the difference between "pro-social" spending compared to spending money on ourselves, as well as keeping it or giving it a way. The numbers don't lie. Putting this all into practice can be … [Read more...]

Why Is Everyone So Sad?

I was snuggling with my 6-year-old daughter, Katy, last night. She asked me a very good question - why is everyone so sad? She went on to show me with her lips and facial expressions that the normal state for people seems to be a sad one. Why? The intelligence behind the question, as well as her awareness, are profound. She wasn't talking about being sad because we're upset, but the deeper sadness that's expressed on so many faces as the default … [Read more...]

Lost Message Of Jesus Found!

Why has Christianity fallen? It's fallen from power, political influence, social influence, and, most importantly, personal influence. In short, it's lost its relevance. I've been kicking around some ideas for a decade or so now. But I will defer to Dallas Willard's experience and words to tell us, at least in part, what happened to the message of Jesus. Willard writes the following in his study guide to The Divine Conspiracy: While there is a lot of … [Read more...]

Permaculture and God

I had the good fortune of having a chat with a permacultarist recently. Permaculture comes from the idea of working with (rather than against) nature to provide sustainable gardens and farms (Permanent Agriculture). Very little is wasted. The land and the environment are highly respected - sacred even. This is in sharp contrast to mechanized, industrial farming which exhausts the land - think dust bowl in the American mid-west. I wanted to get his views … [Read more...]

Seek First To Understand

How can you be happy? Simple - seek first to understand. We all want to be heard. We want to be understood. Validated. Here's the problem. There are too many that need to be understood and not enough people to understand. It's a lost art. I fall short in this area, but recently, I did truly seek to understand someone. It had amazing results for both parties. Usually, I say, yeah, yeah, I get it - especially when I'm talking to my wife. I do actually … [Read more...]

How Can You Be Happy – Be Relational

To continue our "How Can You Be Happy" series, let's look at relationships. Specifically, the importance of being relational.  This is new for me. I've always considered myself a loner. However, the last decade, 4 kids, an amazing wife, and several other profound events have shown me that relationships are key to happiness. When it's all about me, I quickly get disconnected. The trouble is, we live and learn in a society that is all about "me" - how can … [Read more...]

The Power of Compassion

I've always struggled showing compassion. Fortunately, today, I have some great teachers. My kids. Recently, Thomas scratched his shoulder. It was a tiny scratch, not deep, and about the size of my pinky nail. He was really upset. He yelled and screamed for longer than "I" thought was rational, or reasonable. Of course, I felt bad, and tried to comfort him, but then I switched to logic - it didn't work. He went on screaming. Meanwhile, my twin girls … [Read more...]

The Best Car Ride Ever

Long car trips with four kids can be a challenge. The best plans and forethought are rarely enough. We've had some trying trips to say the least. Recently, we had all the makings of a difficult road trip, but it turned out very different than we ever expected. First, within a few minutes of embarking we had to turn around to get Nicole's (my wife) cell phone. An hour later, Thomas (my oldest, 9) absolutely had to use the bathroom. Katy (one of my twins, … [Read more...]