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Are Ants Smarter Than Humans?

Got Butter? Probably not. Learn from the ants - they have much to teach us. Take a guess at which slab of butter is real... Top right: margarine Lower left: reduced fat margarine Bottom right: natural butter The point here is that we've strayed very far from natural food. American homes especially are filled with processed foods galore. Even the information that has been passed down from the FDA, doctors, dieticians, and health specialists … [Read more...]

Stop Kony 2012

It's this type of "action" that inspires. It's this type of "action" that creates change. It's this type of "action" that transforms the world. Go. Do. KONY 2012  - INVISIBLE CHILDREN … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Stomach?

As the Capital One commercial states: What's In Your Wallet?, take a moment to consider the food you put in your body. Where does it come from? Who "markets" it? In this amazing video, you'll see just how to be healthy with powerful and natural food God gives us. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks! ~ Ted … [Read more...]