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Jesus and Buddha

We've talked a lot about the trouble with the Christian message here. How, based on a lot of misinformation and teachings, the Good News is distorted. One result of this is that Jesus doesn't get a lot of love. In other words, people will actually frown when his name is mentioned. However, others, like Buddha, get all kinds of praise and accolades. Buddha does indeed rock. I was thumbing through the Dhammapada recently - a popular book of sayings … [Read more...]

The Black Hole of Negativity

The power of thoughts is truly astonishing. A positive thought can change a life. A negative thought can destroy one. We seem to operate somewhere in the middle, essentially playing Russian roulette with our thoughts. I see this in my own family. My son will tease his sister. This causes her to hit her little sister. I have to step in to pull two people apart who didn't have an issue in the first place. Now I'm upset at my son. My wife gets upset at me. … [Read more...]

Excuse My Contempt

I've been chatting with my kids about swearing lately. They're quite interested in it. Most of their usage is innocent experimentation. But lately it's taken a turn for contempt. They've started using the f-bomb when angry - especially with their siblings. The contempt that underlies swearing is rarely, if ever, discussed. When we swear with the fullness of the anger and contempt that we have when someone pulls out in front of us, we're demonstrating … [Read more...]

Does Prayer Do Anything?

Does prayer do anything? It's a great question. Many are frustrated by a lack of answers and how long they have to wait. Others simply give up. Is God doing anything? Yes. And I tested this recently. A friend was struggling with some serious self-esteem issues. They were thinking things like God doesn't care about me. God doesn't think I'm even worth the time. I have nothing to offer, etc. We've all struggled with these thoughts at some point to some … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Like Adults

My son Thomas, 9, said "Hey daddy, you know why I don't like adults? Well, some adults anyway?" "No, why?" I asked. "Because they think they're better than me. They think they know everything - that they have all the answers, and that my opinion isn't important," he replied. "You're right, Thomas," I said. And he is. Too often adults think they know what's best for children. Rather than ask for their input or opinion, we assume a position of … [Read more...]

The Core Message We Miss

Here I've been ranting and raving about the core message of Jesus when Brian McLaren has this really cool three minute video that nails it, below. It's about the kingdom. The new reality in our lives. It's not a new religion. It's a new empire. It's living in God's reality, seeing things through Jesus' eyes. It changes everything, and it's not something people can simply accept and run with. This is a life long journey with the master teacher, … [Read more...]

The Deep-Seated Death Wish

Are we lazy? It's not a popular subject, but it's also not what we think. When we think laziness, it's couch potato, not willing to work etc. We then think the cure is hard work, drive, motivation, passion. It's not. I read a great article by college student Tala Strauss on sloth (laziness) recently. The Greek term for sloth is Acedia. It's a state of listlessness and not caring about one's position or condition in the world. Put another way, it's not … [Read more...]

The Beauty Of Doubt

Doubt is good. Great, really. It helps confirm our beliefs. Beliefs are good. They help us live life. But we should question them. So too with doubts - we should question them. What does all this mean? It means it's great to be a doubter, but don't stop there. Keep questioning. Question the beliefs. Question the doubts. Always question. Continue seeking. This is the journey. I have a friend who once drew a straight line on a whiteboard from one … [Read more...]

What Is Faith?

What is faith? The concept of faith is tossed around so much it's lost meaning. It can be used in religious or secular settings. It can be used in times of desperate need or casual conversation. Faith, in it's simplest definition, is trust or perhaps confidence in another. Think of a good friend. We can trust them with all sorts of things - our emotions, fears, anxieties. We also celebrate the good times. We can be confident that they'll listen to the … [Read more...]

Who Loves You

I've been talking with a few people recently and a theme surfaced. They could not understand why God would love them. They truly feel unworthy. While I've battled with LOTS of things related to God, this one I haven't, but I do appreciate the struggle. For me, I had to get past "is there a God" before even caring if he/it/she loved me. Once I discovered God, and that he wanted to talk with me, the love part seemed fairly obvious - in fact the question … [Read more...]