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Try A Little Tenderness

I see more and more "spiritual" quotes about people that annoy us, or try to thwart our dreams, or get in our way somehow. We're, apparently, supposed to brush them off. In other words, take care of number one - to hell with them. Hmm, interesting... Let's turn it around. Supposed we lost our job, bills are weighing on us, credit companies are calling. Suppose our beloved pet just died, and our car is in the repair shop. Suppose our health is an … [Read more...]

Pastor Calls For Gays To Be Penned Up

Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church, North Carolina called for gays to be "penned up." The scary part about this pastor's "sermon" against gays and President Obama (for that matter) is that he believes it along with many other "Christians." That this kind of hatred is preached from a pulpit that is supposed to be spreading the good news of Jesus is frightening. He simply does not understand Jesus' message. Many Christians … [Read more...]

Who’s Your Teacher?

I asked a friend what he thought about a popular old book. He scoffed and said he wasn't going to put much weight into something that was written so long ago. It got me thinking. What do we let influence us? Who do we let teach us? This is a great question! Think about it... The list of our influences is long. Parents, friends, teachers, media, and culture are some top categories. Some of us, like me, think we're unique, self-made. We think the books … [Read more...]

Is God Still Around?

The destructive power of anger is something many of us are familiar with. I've battled for years with it. Here's a recent example. I went to pick up a lunch order, only to find out I drove to the wrong restaurant. No big deal, right? took me awhile to find the restaurant. And then to find a parking spot. And then to actually find the entrance of the restaurant. In short, I didn't walk in to the franchise in a sound state of mind. Then I … [Read more...]

Change Your Words

I've seen this short video before - it's powerful! It was produced by a content writing service for writing web copy that converts to actions, sales...etc. But the video also reminds us how words are very effective in changing the way we think about our life, our world, our day, jobs, spouse, car, even our coffee... Our words are powerful - especially the ones in our heads. They dictate how we think, feel, react. It's a good idea to make sure they're … [Read more...]

Fixing Christianity In 15 Minutes

In the 15-minute video below, Dallas Willard discusses the three common messages that are taught "as Gospel," and why no one's buying it. This is not a bash Christians video, or post. Rather, it strikes right through to the heart of why people flocked to Jesus. The three Gospels that we most often hear, and that miss the mark, are as follows. They'll be familiar to you, subscriber or not... From The Right: Your sins are forgiven. Jesus has saved … [Read more...]

What’s All The Raca?

Contempt for another human being is an accepted practice these days. We say things about our fellow man like, idiot, jerk, loser - or a lot worse. The words shoot out of us like a blow torch. It's so common it's hard to notice, or that it's even a problem. What's raca? Literally, raca is the sound one makes when spit is collected in the throat just before, well, spitting. Raca is contempt. Jesus used this word to describe what it's like when we deny the … [Read more...]

How You Can Be Happy – Prayer

Prayer is an interesting topic in regards to happiness. It means so many different things to different people. To some, it's just bull. To others, it's as critical to life as the air we breathe. That's quite a spectrum. Briefly, and I'll lean on Willard for this, prayer is simple. It's not a "heroic" action. It's a simple request similar to how a child asks his father for ice cream. It's okay to pray about the regular aspects and needs of our life - … [Read more...]

More Crazy Shit Christians Say and Think

Yeah, I'm on a bit of a run with picking on Christians lately. My intent is to call out the hypocrisy, and to get to the actual message of Jesus. Institutional Christianity has filled too many heads with false teaching. There is much to be undone. Jesus always called out religious hypocrisy in his day. We should practice this too. Let's be authentic. He was also very clear that we should not have contempt for anyone - even Christians that say crazy … [Read more...]

Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up

I was skimming through Basic Christianity recently by John Stott. It's a great book - gazillion copies sold. In the preface he touches on the disgust that many folks have for the institutional church today. He wrote the book in 1958. He writes: ...what they [young people] have rejected is the contemporary church, not Jesus Christ himself. It is precisely because they see a contradiction between the founder of Christianity and the current state of the … [Read more...]