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Use Your Head!

I spent a lot of time in construction as a teen. A common phrase yelled was "use your head." It was used as a rebuke when someone made a mistake that seemed such an obvious thing not to do to everyone else. While the construction trade isn't necessarily associated with kindness, the rebuke is valid, and kind. We have choices with our "heads." We can use them - for good or bad. But the most common choice is not to use our head at all. We don't think. … [Read more...]

A Lesson In How To Be Happy

Learning how to be happy is a bit of a misnomer. There isn't any "learning" required. Happiness is a choice. Put another way - it's a mental choice. We can choose to be happy, or not. Most of us choose not to be happy. I didn't quite believe that happiness was a choice until fairly recently. I was fortunate enough to see it live in action. I was talking with a friend who was battling several issues at once. Issues with work. Issues at home. I could see … [Read more...]

Understanding Grace

It's easy to get caught up in theology. Theology is important, but story tells - well - a better story. There's a great story about grace that Gordon Fee talks about in one of his many lectures. It's the story of the broken window. It's a true story. In the story, a group of boys were playing with a BB gun in a vacant lot. They were doing what boys do, shooting cans, glass bottles...etc. One boy, David, however, shot at the large picture window of a … [Read more...]

It’s Not About Fair – It’s About Grace

My kids fight - a lot. They fight about every single little thing (I'm exaggerating, a little). What really gets them wound up is when one of their siblings gets or has something they don't. They'll scream THAT'S NOT FAIR! I've written about this before, discussing how I was trying to teach my kids this very foreign topic of grace. What's on my mind at present is just how important grace is in my own life. I get angry - a lot. I get angry about every … [Read more...]

What? Not Everything On FaceBook Is True?

At first glance I caught myself nodding in agreement at this one, but then I said wait a second! "Your Beliefs Don't Make You A Better Person, Your Behavior Does." This doesn't make sense... Beliefs under-gird "everything" we do. Beliefs are our framework from which we "behave." Whether we believe in God or not, or whether we're religious or not, our lives and "actions" stem from our brains - our thinking - our beliefs. Beliefs absolutely make or … [Read more...]

Why Is Healthy Thinking So Hard?

Healthy thinking is tough. We're not taught to think healthy - (at least I wasn't). I learned, from a variety of influential sources (past and present), to feel less than, not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty know the list, and likely the feelings that crush us into a fine powder of low self-esteem. Healthy thinking - at least how I'd like to look at it right now, is not just the absence of negative thoughts (the things all of us … [Read more...]

You Want Me To Be Happy?

Jesus says "I am the way, the truth, and the life..." What's he actually saying? As God in the flesh, as the self-expression of God, as our salvation, Jesus is saying the obvious - Your lost, I am the way home. You've exchanged the truth about God for a lie, I am the truth - come and see. Because you've turned from God, you're dead - you no longer have a self - come find your life in me - the Life. Thanks for reading, ~ Ted Olson … [Read more...]