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An Open Letter To Facebook Christians

There is a plethora of novel surveys that one can take on Facebook. Everyday someone is posting, "I got Brad Pitt" as my movie character...or something along these lines. You can discover your color, your rock star name, your song...the list goes on. Is it all just fun and games? Maybe. However, I suspect these surveys attract so many participants because they also give something. That something is identity. In other words, these very … [Read more...]

What Does The Kingdom of God Look Like In Practice?

What does the kingdom of God look like in practice? Great question, yes? I am enjoying two books that highlight the gap between the kingdom conditions of the early church and the condition of the current church. One is by the esteemed New Testament scholar, Scot McKnight, entitled, Kingdom Conspiracy - Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church. The other is edited by James R. Payton, entitled, A Patristic Treasury - Early Church Wisdom for Today … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Political Christians

Political Christians (and any others) please help. Why is it that there is so much Obama bashing coming out of the mouths (and Facebook/Twitter pages) of Christians? I could understand well-reasoned arguments and helpful criticism filled with grace and truth. But that's not what I see and hear. Rather, I see empty rhetoric, blatant name calling, distorted facts, and little worthy of our calling. I understand culture and politics enough that this type of … [Read more...]

Have You Tried This?

Have you tried this? This comes from Paul, Jesus' main church planter. Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) That's a heck of a thing to say, isn't it? There is no middle of the road, like "Gee, I know you're having some struggles, and your anxious about this or that." It's, "Hey, here's God's will for you in Christ - rejoice always (not sometimes, … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Foundation

At a cafe, the waitress I see often was wearing an interesting new necklace. It had a spiral symbol and a stick-figure-like person at the top (see pic on left). I asked her what it meant. She said it was a Native American symbol signifying one's journey through life, and that her boyfriend gave it to her. I later learned it was the, "Man In The Maze," symbol. I was sad. I was sad because this girl, so young, so open to anything spiritual, is being fed … [Read more...]


I was at my mentor's wake a few years back. I went through the typical range of emotions that go along with consoling family to laughing with friends. When the clock struck 9:00 pm the guys in the matching suits were packing things up, politely reminding folks it's closing time. I turned to the casket, suddenly a flood of emotions came over me, paralyzing me. There I stood in the middle of the room, frozen, tears streaming down my face. I didn't want to … [Read more...]

Are You Under Attack?

As a Christian, how do you know when your under attack from dark forces? On the other hand, how do you know when it's just a hard time and thus an opportunity to trust and grow? Distinguishing between the two can be difficult especially in light of our understanding, cultural imagery, and bias of spiritual warfare. Some too easily blame the demonic for every little thing, ignoring their own, often quite obvious, issues. Others cast off demons as archaic … [Read more...]

It’s All About the Prep

Why do we have so many trials, struggles, and hard roads? Why can't things just be easier? While certainly not a comprehensive answer, think about painting a house. The real work is in the prep, right? That is, one needs to prepare the house for the final coat. There are lots of steps. Some more tedious than others. So it is with God. God has lots of work to do on us (we screwed His image up pretty bad) - it takes time - but why? What's the end game? What … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Kids To “Really” Smile In Photos

As parents, we know our kids don't always like to have their photograph taken - neither do we as adults - unless the setting, hair, clothes...etc, are just right. To get around this with my kids, we made a game of it. We call it Camera Tag In The Pool. My kids do their best to avoid getting their picture taken. I do my best to capture them on camera (and not get soaked). 25 results below.. ...and the Spirit of God was hovering over the … [Read more...]

The Fight – Like It Or Not

I'm reading an old classic called, The Fight, by John White. Chapter five is an incredible piece on the everyday battle we face, like it or not, between good and evil. Many don't acknowledge this battle (in the big or the small, chalking it up to ancient religious superstition), and thus denying the existence of dark forces. Or, some are so hyper focused on evil they look ridiculous, supporting the skeptic's beliefs on the matter. The Devil's happy at … [Read more...]