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4 Must-See Movies For The Married

movies-for-parentsBelow are four movies that show some of the realities of marriage. They may help you see the perspective of your spouse – which is critical, but often a very difficult thing to do with years of resentment built up, hidden hostility, bad patterns, hurt feelings…etc.

Now Hollywood is not my primary source for advice on marriage, but movies are fun, entertaining, and they can be helpful, when looking for it. Hopefully, we can identify with some of the characters, and use the narratives to strengthen the bonds of our marriages.

1) Marley & Me
It’s not just about a dog. This movie shows the struggles, challenges, and the strain that kids, work, expectations and life can have on a marriage. Well worth it.

2) Fireproof
Men – this one will challenge you, if you’re open to it. A real hero, is a hero to his wife. Check it out.

3) The Story of Us
Fights, misunderstanding, separation, verge of divorce – it’s all there.

4) Date Night
This one is funny! As parents – we all need more laughter, especially when the going gets tough.

Please let me know of any others that may be helpful to parents!

~ Ted


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