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4 Things Blocking You From God

god-jesus-blockers1) NO GOD – we live in a culture that, in many, many ways, says that there is no God. God is not recognized or honored, and has been systematically removed from many public and/or prestigious institutions. God’s been shoved aside as a private affair for those nuts who still entertain such thoughts. It’s what we can see and measure (and thus control) that rules the day. With this thinking pounding away at is, especially in light of all the wonderful scientific breakthroughs and advancement, it can be difficult to remember that God is Creator – we are the created.

2) I’M GOD – swinging the other way, there are those who claim a divine nature from an impersonal force/spirit/energy that allows them to deify themselves. Putting aside the obvious question of how something impersonal can effect you personally, it’s the, “if it makes you happy it can’t be that bad” folks. It’s the, “do what I want, when I want” people, usually justifying their beliefs and behaviors from a mixture of mysticism and spiritual eastern quotes they see on Facebook. They submit only to their whims and/or to a god (or gods and goddesses) of their creation, never to the Triune God – the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

3) SIN – ah, the word few today care to wrestle with – SIN! Yes, sin. Things like feeling superior to the guy next to you. Your judgmental and critical thoughts toward your co-worker. Your idolatry – striving for success, fame, fortune – instead of striving for Him. Your rebellion against your Creator either through denying he exists (NO GOD), or usurping His authority (I’M GOD).

4) BUSYNESS – often stemming from sin, and with our priorities all out of whack, we run around, frenzy-like, seeking contentment from the silliest of things: gadgets, TV, Facebook, novels, gossip, shopping, fads, and much, much more. We buy more and more and have to work more and more to pay for it all – round and round it goes. There is little thought to, Be still and know that I am God.

There are many ways to categorize these God blockers – feel free to add a few of your own. In short, it’s helpful to remember that just because culture says so, it doesn’t make it right – or true. There is a Creator God eagerly seeking your attention. You are not God. You are a sinner, but God (through Jesus) has addressed that. Be still for a bit and give Him some of your attention.

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~ Ted


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  1. #2 is about the most rampant nowadays. One can’t help but notice the ubiquity of the message that God is within all by virtue of just being alive.

    Once in a story I tried to convey the absurdity of this idea when a mother asked her daughter (after discovering her daughter’s new age beliefs); “Did the ‘universe’ die for your sins?”

    • Ted Olson says:

      Yes – the “I’m God” mentality is everywhere! I like Tom Wright’s response when asked what he thinks of other faiths. He says, “Krishna didn’t die for me, Buddha didn’t rise again, and Mohammad ruled out as an impossibility what to me is the very centre of my life, that in Jesus Christ the one true God became human and lived, died and rose again for the world’s salvation, and for mine.”

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