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Behind Every Man

They say behind every great man is an even greater woman. I agree. They also say, behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. I agree with this too. Many of us are too quick to boast, take credit for our success, and forget the gifts behind our claims to fame.

Humility is not a sought after characteristic. Perhaps because we’re inundated in a culture where might is right. Individuality, and being the best, are seen as, well, the best. The reality is that in regards to many things, we have very little control.

Think about it. We can’t control who our parents are, our citizenship, our genetics, or where we are born. And we can’t shake the many cultural influences that shape our thinking – good or bad. And we’re extremely reliant on our solar system and the forces of nature.

Yet we take comfort in our modern life, taking for granted such things as electricity, combustion engines, computers, and our cell phones. We have all this thanks to coal, the sun, oil, and sand –  all resources found on our amazing planet and star system.

I often forget these basic facts. Our dependence on these resources is humbling. Humility, though, is not easy to practice. We want credit for our actions. We want recognition. We want power. Control. In all our wants, we forget about God.

This is why prayer is important. It keeps us balanced, centered, and in the right place. It allows us to appreciate all the gifts and wonder of our everyday lives, our glorious planet, and all the forces at work. It allows us to build our trust and relationship with God. Hallowed be thy name.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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