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Blessed Are The Gay?

I see a lot of anti-gay rhetoric from Christians. That they don’t condone it is one thing, but the hatred that’s spewed out is alarming. Judgement and hatred don’t jive with Jesus’ message. So what’s going on here?

Jesus invited tax collectors, Samaritans, whores, and criminals to hang out with him – everyone knows this. These were the most despised people of his day. What was he teaching? Hatred or invitation to a new life in him?

In the Sermon On The Mount Jesus speaks to a large crowd – a mixed bag of people. The poor, the wealthy, the righteous…etc. He’s welcoming them all into the Kingdom of God. He’s saying, “Guys, great news, God loves you, come on, check it out. The Kingdom of God has broken in. I am the way. Follow me.”

Jesus could have said blessed are the whores, the drug addicts, the gamblers, and yes, the gay. These are today’s poor in spirit. They’re all welcome. In following Jesus, King Jesus, we all have to submit everything – our lives – our identities, sexual or otherwise – our agendas – hopes – dreams – cultural prejudices and bias – all of it gets placed at the feet of Jesus. We live through Him.

Some great discussion below in the comments…

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~ Ted Olson


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  1. Julie Bond Genovese says:

    Amen to that, brother : )

  2. Kate Morgan says:

    Getting right on the touchy subjects . . . I agree Ted and would add that Christ doesn’t see His children as gay, drug addicted, sexually promiscuous. That isn’t their identity to Him. He sees them. Their hearts. He knows why they’re homosexual be it biological or trauma related result. He knows why we want a drink. Why we throw our virtue away. And He loves us and chases us everday. Perhaps in a broken, not yet world, he knows we are looking for desperate solutions to problems not to be solved here. And His Grace and love is the balm that gets us through. I love your blog! ~Kate

  3. therealjohnny5 says:

    Maybe next time you place gays in a list, you could add some less culturally criticized subgroups of humanity that whores, gamblers, and druggies. I understand the point you are trying to make, and kudos for that, however by lumping gays in with the extreme “wrongs” of christianity in lists like that you inadvertently can reinforce exactly what you’re trying to undo. Yes all wrongs are wrong in god’s eyes, but not in people who follow, not really. You’re working against the stream of religious culture, so you’ve already got a lot working against you. Just a thought and thank you for your efforts.

    • Ted Olson says:

      @ therealjohnny5 – thanks so much for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to add to the conversation. And on behalf of Christianity, and in the name of Jesus Christ, I would like to apologize for the way Christianity (the body of Christ) has treated the gay community. I pray that I can play a part in extending grace, love, and truth.

      Indeed, I see your point how lumping gay people into other highly criticized subgroups could reinforce the cultural and religious hatred already present. I will keep that in mind going forward. In this very brief post, my point with “the list” is to drive home Christian hypocrisy. Some Christians seem to think that God will overlook their idolatry, murder, slander, greed, and hatred. Some Christians are under the impression that being “Gay” is worse than say, “Idolatry.” If we’re going to play judge between these two, the latter seems far worse. One would think that putting priorities in front of the Creator of the universe is a tad worse than people who are genuinely in love, and are even bio-neurologically wired to an attraction to the same sex.

      That said, just as we are not to murder, just as we are to not have idols, just as single Christian heterosexuals are not to be sleeping around despite natural desires, just as alcoholics should not drink, gay Christians are to abstain from homosexual relationships (women too). This is true even though the latest science shows that gays are clearly wired differently. Just as a single Christian heterosexual man is wired to want to have sex with a woman, he should abstain if outside marriage. The Bible, (despite creative interpretive attempts to the contrary) is clear on this – as it is with the many other sins we try to justify and sweep under the rug.

      Thanks again!
      ~ Ted

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