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Going Off The Deep End

There’s a belief that if we do what we love, if we stick our neck out, no matter how crazy it seems, we’ll very quickly find out who our friends are. This is true.

What’s cool is that when we do take a chance, and have friends that support us, despite obstacles, doubts, and the inevitable fear that tries to take control, we can push on.

In my own life, I may come off, to some, as a religious nut or a Jesus freak. People think that because I talk about Jesus that I must somehow be one of those evangelicals they see on the news. This is hard, as few understand, or even try to understand, what I’m up to.

To the religious, I may appear to be the antichrist. I tear apart the gospels, question century old tenants, and reinterpret beloved passages.

At times, I feel like an outsider in the world with no place to turn.

I was talking about this struggle with a close friend. He responded with one of the more profound moments of our friendship. He said if someone accuses you of going off the deep end, I will be there by your side to encourage them to ponder what it is they love about being in the shallow end.

I hope you find friends like this. God is a great start.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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  1. Matt516 says:

    I am going to take off my swimmies and join you for a dive!

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