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Hard Work Is Important

Good ThingsHard work is important. I was raised on it – reputations lived and died by it. No one wanted to be seen as lazy or not breaking a sweat. I still recall, however, that there was a balance – hard work and patience. Drive and humility. This is fading, fast. The old adage that good things come to those who wait, is being replaced by our ever-increasing demands. We want it now!

What have we lost? What are we losing?

Hard work is important, but how about patience? Is patience important? Patience, it seems, is no longer seen as a character-building value, or even a necessary value. Instead, it’s brushed off as something in the way of progress.

But what is progress? What is “good” progress?

Hard work is important. It can result in good things. But what happens when, with all our demands and drives, we forget to reflect on what’s good? How will we know what is good for us?

What about prayer, silence, and solitude? What about reflecting with mature friends on the best course?

Hard work is important, but we risk becoming like the rich young ruler, chasing what we deem to be good, and miss the greatest treasure – Jesus.

Once found, nothing can stop you – not even death.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted


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