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How Can I Be Happy And Confident

I drove by a window display that had a picture of a male model dressed in an incredible blue suit with all the bells and whistles. In bold letters it stated: CONFIDENT. I wanted the suit, and the CONFIDENCE. I was also intrigued at what the marketing was targeting – a lack of confidence in us men.

This is smart marketing. We men don’t like to admit it, but we do lack confidence. We’ve gotten very good at covering it up though. We use our jobs, status, cars, toys, and anything other feather we can stick in our caps. The suit, nice as it is, is just lipstick on a pig though, to borrow from the prez.

Confidence doesn’t come from the outside. We can try until we’re dead – many do – but it ain’t gonna happen. Real confidence is hard. In fact, rarely does one feel confident in the act – they just do it any way. This is power. Incredible power.

I’ve suffered from a lack of confidence for longer than I care to share. It’s stripped me of more joy than I can fathom. I wasted time and money chasing “things” to puff me up. The awareness of this is good. I can begin to find true confidence.

True confidence and the ultimate method of how to be happy is to connect with God. Working on this relationship puts me on a solid foundation. From here, and with God, anything is possible – that’s confidence. It’s not a cool blue suit – even though I would look amazing in it!


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