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How Can I Be Happy – Part 4

In our ongoing “How Can I Be Happy Series,” I stumbled across an important lesson. It’s a painfully simple message – be calm. What? You mean be calm even in the midst of turmoil, chaos, upheaval? How is that possible?

I was asking myself these questions while cleaning up after dinner the other night. I was getting pretty worked up, as I could not see how I could maintain calm when the kids were fighting, the house was a mess, I had a ton to do…etc. You know the voices that run over in our minds.

As I asked the questions, I heard a “Yes” to each one (yes, there was a voice in my head that said “yes”). It went like this. So even when the kids are fighting I’m supposed to maintain calm – Yes. So even when I’m fighting with Nicole (my wife), I’m supposed to be calm – Yes. So even when the kids absolutely will not listen to me I’m supposed to be calm – Yes. On it went. The answer to my questions were all YES.

But how! I can get that it’s important to be calm, as that is how I can be happy, but the how is a tad allusive. Then it hit me – practice! I have so many opportunities to practice maintaining calm. I have 4 kids! 4 highly sensitive kids! Things are stressful in a variety of areas on a daily basis. The opportunities to practice being at peace are plentiful. I only need to be open to learning.

Some people call this refining. In other words, it’s God refining you, helping you to, well, be happy – fulfilled, complete. Makes sense to me.

What do you think?

~ Ted Olson


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