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I’m Right, You’re Wrong

There are many upset with Christianity’s claim to absolute truth. They say it’s ridiculous, exclusive, and doesn’t make any sense.  What opponents fail to see, however, is the absolute belief behind their objection.

We all get perturbed when someone says they have all the answers. I mean who wants to listen to that? That said, there is an inherent and absolute belief behind our recoil. Our recoil is our worldview that we consider superior to the Christian worldview.

The worldview, or absolute belief, of the opponent to a Christian claim for absolute truth is this: no one can claim to have the absolute truth.

As you can see, we can easily create the endless cycle of I’m right, you’re wrong. We can’t escape the question of absolute truth. Some think they can say it’s all relative, and it needs to be determined individually. Great, another absolute truth.

We need to dive in and see what “absolutes” make the most sense. Avoiding this neglects reason and logic, and allows one to sit on the sidelines casting judgement. This won’t do.

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~ Ted Olson


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