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Out Popped The Wolf

little-red-riding-hoodLittle Red Riding Hood heads off through the woods to Grandma’s house to bring her a basket of goodies. Her instructions from her mom: stay on the path, don’t touch the goodies – they’re for grandma to help her feel better. Off she confidently heads down the path on a beautiful sunny day, birds signing, flowers smiling – out popped the wolf.

Wolf: What’s in the basket?
Red: Some goodies for grandma. I’m on my way to her house.
Wolf: Can I see?
Red: Well…I guess.
Wolf: Yum, those look good! Can I have one?
Red: Oh no, no – those are for grandma, only!
Wolf: Well certainly we can have a little taste now, can’t we?
Red: Well…perhaps just a little taste.

A bit off balance by the encounter with the wolf, she makes her way toward grandma’s. However, it starts raining. She is quickly soaked, and she’s getting tired from the journey. She wanders off the path to find shelter. Out popped the wolf.

Wolf: You look beat. Still on your way to grandma’s?
Red: Yes, but it’s such a long journey.
Wolf: I know a short cut.
Red: You do?
Wolf: Yes…just up ahead there’s a fork in the path – take it – it’ll lead you straight to grandma’s house in no time.
Red: Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Wolf!

Red quickly found the fork, and, again ignoring her mother’s warning to stay on the path, she took it. At first it was easy going, but then the path thinned out, and it was full of prickle bushes, rocks, and mud. She was quickly covered with cuts, bruises and mud. Weary, she sat down and cried. Out popped the wolf.

Wolf: What’s wrong with you!? You can’t even follow simple directions. You’ll never make it to grandmas now. You’ll never even make it back to the path.

Little Red continued to cry – she felt horrible – she had failed. Tripping and stumbling, she cried all the way back to the path, the voices in her head raged at how she’s such an awful person.

Finally, she reaches Grandma’s house. Exhausted, caked in mud, full of guilt, confusion, and remorse, she lifted her filthy hands to knock on Grandma’s door. But before her hand reached the knocker, the door swung open – out popped the wolf – he devoured her.

The End

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted


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