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Preaching Atheism

Jesus - Ultimate RealityHave you ever noticed how some folks get upset when religious icons or ideas are in the public view? It’s along the lines of people getting upset about the ten commandments in front of a court house. It’s an issue that is growing. I once saw a shop foreman tell a Latino auto mechanic to take down his religious memorabilia that adorned his tool box. People don’t like religion thrown in their face. But what are these folks that are so upset preaching? What’s their world view?

I was watching My Little Ponies with my kids the other day – great show – very deep. Anyway, apparently one of the characters got a little too big for her britches and let things go to her head. In the end, she was apologizing to Princess Celestia (a mother nature-type figure). The Princess gently reminded her that she needs to remember where she came from (i.e., family and friends). In other words, for the Princess, Ultimate Reality (home base, if you will), was the tribe. To put this more scientifically, the species was most important.

The Princess didn’t mention God (I don’t think TV shows can anymore – certainly not Jesus the Christ). She didn’t tell the little pony to seek forgiveness from her creator – or to lean more on Him for her identity because Ultimate Reality for the My Little Pony show is earth – mother nature. We’re all just a process of evolution.

Now, if we rewind to the best show of all time – The Brady Bunch – we get a different picture of Ultimate Reality. When Cindy lost her Kitty-Karry-All doll she was devastated as all little kids are when they lose a prized doll or stuffed animal. As Mike and Carol were putting Cindy to bed for the first night after losing Kitty-Karry-All, they reminded Cindy to say her prayers. A very different lesson was being taught.

Cindy was being reminded to ground herself in the creator of the universe. The little pony was being told to ground herself in her tribe.

While many are up in arms about religious beliefs, few get upset, or even recognize the need to be upset as generation after generation is being raised on a world view that has no God. Instead, kids are taught that Ultimate Reality is subjective – it’s whatever works for you.

While this view has a ring of truth and freedom, it’s deeply flawed. If everything is relative (that is, if everything is subject to our own interpretation), then the very nature of such an ultimate reality has no meaning. If ultimate truth is relative then so is the framework itself and hence one is left blowing in the wind in search of actual truth.

Jesus – in many of his astounding claims said he is Ultimate Reality. The question one must explore is if it’s true.

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~ Ted Olson


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