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Slow Down. Take It Easy. Relax.

I pulled into a Coffee Shop years ago in my Lincoln Town Car. The parking lot was small. My car was big. I pulled in rather quickly. I was probably 19-20 years old. As I stepped out of the car with all the cockiness of someone that age, my eyes met an old man who was slowly walking into the shop. He put his hand up like a traffic cop and said, “Whoa, easy there young feller.” He smiled and walked on.

There are moments in life we never forget. These are teaching moments. I knew he was right. I politely smiled, soon to forget the important lesson. And yet that moment keeps coming back. It’s whispered to me for years. It reminds me to slow down, take it easy, relax.

Those close to me know that these sentiments are not in my nature. I love speed, efficiency, and productivity. In fact I get depressed when failing in any of these areas. These, of course, are not bad. They’re just not everything.

I’m often in danger of making them everything. When I do I’m out of balance. Or, as my friend reminds me, I’m a bobble head. My body and soul are out of balance.

The lesson from the old man plays itself over and over in my mind, reminding me to be still. These types of experiences can be good or bad. Sometimes, at the time, they don’t seem like much. But God dwells and manifests in people. No moment is ever ordinary in God’s Kingdom.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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