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The Bias of Happiness

How To Be HappyI came across a great video below from Tim Keller. He describes how many of us have the goal of happiness – it’s our first priority. This goal, however, destroys our chances of ever actually achieving it. We have to aim for something higher.

In our culture, we have a bias towards happiness. It’s always the end game. Cheryl Crow sings, “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.” Actually, it can. Keller lists several examples. Take your career. If a successful career is the number one thing that will make you happy, you’ll be crushed by the anxiety of trying to achieve it.

So, what’s higher than happiness? Jesus says it best – seek first his kingdom and his righteousness. In other words, put God first. The rest will fall into place. But don’t turn to God with the end game of happiness in mind – it doesn’t work that way. With this mindset, Keller notes that “you’re not coming to God – you’re coming to a butler.”

The creator God expressed in Jesus is where you’ll find Happiness.

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~ Ted Olson

Enjoy the brief video…


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