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The Good In This World

Many folks know I used to be an atheist. I turned away from God. I felt the spark of life leave my body. What was left grew into a cold, dark blackness that used to crawl up through my back and into my skull. While the story of my journey back to God is long, one critical component was a restoration of my faith in humanity.

One guy, doing things honestly, respectfully, and with boldness catapulted me back to God, and ultimately Christianity. Ironically, he was not a Christian. I don’t know what his beliefs were. He simply believed in doing the right thing. This was a novel approach in the industry I was in at the time.

We tend to look at the world, and the crazy people in it, and think, “no way, this is nuts – there is no God!” The religious don’t help here either. But then, sometimes, even in the most mundane of circumstances (ordinary moments), our hope can be renewed by a gesture, a kind act, a smile.

Enjoy the video below – How To Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

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~ Ted Olson


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