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The Impulse Of The Nation

We like to say America is the best. We like to think we’re better and smarter than everyone else – that we have freedom. The reality is very different. And the grocery line provides an excellent picture of this.

Take the candy rack. It’s colorful packages catch our eye – suddenly we just have to catch the rainbow of Skittles. Or, perhaps our teeth just aren’t white enough after our third whitening – maybe the new Trident will help. That the chemicals that lengthen the shelf life and that “enhance” the flavor of these delicacies is of little concern.

Turn to the other side and there is a rack full of nudity, scandal, and advice. The often grotesque images are standard fare. The scandals pull our minds into nonsense. The advice has us turning to expert wisdom rather than to God.

We seek to be free, to be happy, yet we enslave and poison ourselves with toxic food, media, and thinking. Even talking about God, let alone praying, or putting one’s life in God’s hands who can free us from this mess, has become suspect. And don’t even mention Jesus – oh, you’re not one of those people are you? God, dear God, I hope so.

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~ Ted Olson


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