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The Roadless

The RoadlessMany are fond of Robert Frost’s poem,”The Road Not Taken.” It’s the one where we learn that the road less traveled “makes all the difference.” We might be inclined to romance the idea that we are indeed on a road less traveled. We’re adventurers, right? We listen to our inner spirits that beckon us to greater and greater things. We’re open to new ideas. We’re accepting of every one and every ideology. There is no absolute truth. Truth is subjective. The trouble with this road is that it’s not a road. It’s roadless.

I was in a restaurant recently. I noticed a tattoo on our waitress’s wrist. Being so prominently displayed, I inquired to its meaning. She told me that her son died, and that one symbol was the Egyptian circle of life, and another was her dead son’s astrology sign. I stated that I was sorry for her loss. She replied that “he’s in a better place,” and that “it’s all part of God’s plan,” and went about getting our food.

Which road is she on? The circle of life? Astrology? Was her mention of a “better place” and “God’s plan” a reference to heaven and God’s sovereignty? From what I could gather from our brief conversation was this was one very lost sheep. She was turning to anything and everything that might provide significance, meaning, and hope. She was roadless.

There are many roadless people. They blow with the wind grabbing on to whatever suits their needs of the moment. They open themselves up to spiritual forces they know little about. They invite spirits into their souls that, at first, seem freeing, but only enslave. This is not a road. It’s a continual grasp for significance. They’re desperately trying to fill a void that only God can fill.

Only God can fulfill such needs. As our Creator, He knows what we need. If only we’d cry out to Him in prayer, desperation, longing, hope – instead of jumping on the latest trend to emptiness. If only we’d seek the beauty, the Grace, and the profound love and sacrifice he has shown us throughout history, culminating in His Son, Jesus. Oh, to know this freedom! Oh, to experience even one drop of this! Oh, to feel the presence of God! That! That makes ALL the difference!

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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