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Tim Keller – Christians And Homosexuals

I’ve been reading up on the gay issue in the context of Christianity. It’s a fascinating discussion. On one extreme, you have folks screaming that gays (anyone in the LGBT community) are going to hell. On the other, they’re accepted as full brothers in Christ. That’s quite a spectrum in the same religion. What to do?

When looking for a logical explanation in Christianity, a great source is Tim Keller. He’s the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. The six minute video below shows the honest struggle he has with the issue at hand, as well as an honest, and insightful response.

Keller puts sin in its proper place in regards to hell. And he puts Christians in the proper mindset with regards to homosexuals. One commenter quotes Keller approvingly, “Heterosexuality does not get you to heaven… BEST ANSWER EVER!!!!”

Does this video address the concerns from all sides? No. Not even close. But it’s a healthy start.

Enjoy the video,
~ Ted Olson


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