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What Do You Really Look Like?

Jesus - the Son of GodWatch the video below. It’ll highlight how you think of yourself and your looks compared to how others see you. From a marketing perspective, it’s a brilliant move by Dove. It taps something spiritual while masking its commercialism. However, the video underscores (and perpetuates) what many fail to see – that we value ourselves with externals.

How do you value yourself? From what foundational beliefs does your value come? Many do not know this vital truth – this starting point. Few even ask the question. Instead, we build our lives on our looks, our jobs, our relationships, and/or our successes and/or failures. This is all sand. It’s not that these things do not have a place, just not the foundation.

The foundation is God. Specifically, God’s self-expression through Jesus Christ and the Trinity – the ultimate relationship. The spiritual component in the clip comes from the relationship with how others see us. Others see us as more beautiful than we see ourselves. We, of course, latch on to this and perpetuate building our worth on externals (e.g., a romantic¬† relationship). However, the video taps the natural longing to be loved so deeply, so completely, and so unconditionally. We long to be seen for our full potential. Where does this longing come from?

Who can fulfill this longing? Who can make us complete?


After you watch the short clip, consider sitting quietly, and then imagine how God sees you – not how your friends, employers, peers, spouse, family, loved ones, you, or how the world sees you. Imagine someone who loved you so much that they laid down their life for you, despite your dark side, despite your lack of belief, and despite your hard heart and total inability to save yourself.

Imagine how the Creator of the Universe originally created you, and what that might mean. My hope is that you get a glimpse of why God sent Jesus to bring you back into His family, and hopefully encourage you to explore the truth about Jesus.

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Enjoy the video below…


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