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Give People The Time

We live in a world that is quick to dismiss people. We do it self-righteously too. We see nothing wrong with calling people idiots, jerks, or worthless. We also see it as a waste of our time to try to help, get to know, or understand someone who may be struggling. What happened to community?

In in article entitled What If Your Assumptions Are Wrong, Sharon Hayes writes this:

  • What if the girl who seems standoffish is just shy?
  • What if your friend who declined a movie invite is scrambling just to put food on the table?
  • What if the friend you ran into who looked like crap is silently battling cancer?
  • What if the friend you tell excitedly about your 3rd pregnancy has no reaction because she just had her 4th miscarriage?

What these questions reveal is that we’re not really connected. It’s a lot of Facebook surface stuff. We need to spend time with, and support each other so we can overcome our deepest darkest fears. If my friends are struggling, I want to help – to be there on the journey. That’s community.

We’re social creatures. We have the ability to heal each others’ scars; to support each other; to encourage each other. Kids know this intuitively. The photo shown in this post is two of my kids trying to help our youngest daughter cross a wooden bridge. They all had a wonderful time laughing at the fears and celebrating the success.

Our contempt and dismissal of people hurts us as much as those we condemn. People are a gift – the easy and the difficult. They make this journey worthwhile.

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~ Ted


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