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How Can I Be Happy – Let Go

I heard a great talk recently by Henry Cloud. It was entitled, Necessary Endings. There’s a book too. It’s on the New York Times best seller list. What struck me is that “necessary endings” are so obvious, but we avoid them. Think of a bad relationship, or a miserable job. Rather than “end it” we keep trying to make it work.

The imagery that Dr. Cloud used was a rose bush. He discussed how they need to be pruned to be happy and healthy. Branches that are not thriving need to go so others can thrive – so the whole bush can thrive.

If you’re like me, you were trained to work hard, never give up, no room for failure, make it work, figure out a way. The list and philosophy behind it is long.

Working hard is important. However, I forget to let things go. I waste time and energy. I choke my progress.

Letting go is common in business too. Often it’s best to chop off or reorganize a department or division. These are rarely easy choices. They can be grueling. Same with relationships that are going nowhere, or a job that continues to drain us.

As part of our “How Can I Be Happy” series, pruning the things that are poisoning our greater good is critical. For me, I have to trust God. What I know about God is this – he wants the best for me. The best is “always” way better than I can ever imagine.

Are you hanging on to an anchor? Let it go.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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