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How Can I Be Happy?

How can I be happy is one of the most commonly searched phrases on the web. So, sparing no expense, I interviewed three experts exactly “how to be happy.” I paraphrased and summarized their thoughts below.

1) Community – spending “a lot” of time with family and friends was the central theme to finding happiness

2) Special Time – time spent with someone close to talk to about all sorts of things – happy, glad, mad, or sad

3) Activity – taking walks, bike riding, dancing, singing, outdoors games

4) Be Silly – make funny faces, say funny things, do silly things

What’s important to note is the simplicity in which our experts answered how to be happy. It wasn’t success or material things, but community. It wasn’t counseling or meditation, but activity and silliness.

God wired us with everything we need to be happy. We’re social creatures. We crave it. Just look at FaceBook! We have amazing minds and bodies that can do incredible things. We just need to do it.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson

Experts: my son, Thomas (9), and my twin girls, Katy and Faith (6)


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