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How Can You Be Happy – Be Relational

To continue our “How Can You Be Happy” series, let’s look at relationships. Specifically, the importance of being relational.  This is new for me. I’ve always considered myself a loner. However, the last decade, 4 kids, an amazing wife, and several other profound events have shown me that relationships are key to happiness.

When it’s all about me, I quickly get disconnected. The trouble is, we live and learn in a society that is all about “me” – how can I be better, lose weight, be smarter, look younger, make more money…me, me, me, me. This “me” focus disconnects us from what we’re supposed to be.

The reality is that we’re pack animals. We’re supposed to be relational.

In business (and the work world in general), it’s not relational either. It’s top down. It’s authoritative. It’s might is right. It’s male dominated. We might as well add politics, education, sports, and culture to this list.

Might is right – it’s the way things are done, right? Right, but, it doesn’t mean it’s “right.”

Let me illustrate. Three of my kids came across a wild baby bunny recently. They didn’t try to capture it. They didn’t chase it. They didn’t try to “dominate” it. They sat down and watched it. They started talking to it.

Guess what happened? The bunny came over to them. It hopped into their hands. It snuggled in their clothes. It sat on their bare feet. They became connected. In fact, the bunny tried to follow them into the house. My wife had to coax it back to its nest.

How can you be happy? Well, you can shift your perspective to a relational mindset. It’s not easy – In fact I just brushed my kids off to finish this post because I want what I want, when I want it. It’s selfish and self-serving. This doesn’t lend itself to long-term happiness.

Watch for and take advantage of relational opportunities. Multiply them.

God designed us for relationships – especially with him.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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  1. Within relationships is the only way to give and recieve love and care. Otherwise its all just theory!

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