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How’s Your Energy

I’ve always heard the importance of having positive energy. It’s been a heck of a journey for me trying to learn, understand, and practice it. I’ve had some breakthroughs recently from a surprising source – The Dog Whisperer.

Yes – Cesar Millan – The Dog Whisperer. In every show Cesar demonstrates (without a doubt) the power energy has to make or break a situation. It works great with dogs. It works even better with people.

With dogs, Cesar uses what he calls a “calm, assertive” energy. With some very simple techniques, and a whole lot of energy, he turns barking, biting, disobedient dogs into pack friends. It’s real – no fancy editing. There is a distinct change in the dog’s behavior.

We all have positive, assertive, calming energy. I often fail to harness it, instead letting negative energy run wild.

Here’s an example with my kids…

Maggie, my youngest, cries when she’s tired. If I try to rock her to sleep while I’m irritated or preoccupied with other things it’ll take 30 minutes or more. Sometimes, it’s a total failure, at which point I hand an even more fussy baby to my wife. When I’m calm, Maggie dozes off in 15 minutes or less.

This is amazing stuff. I made a point to take notice what was different. What I found was that when I’m calm my shoulders, chest, and stomach relax. In fact, my whole body relaxes. Maggie literally sinks into me, as I rest her head on my shoulder. When I’m not calm, she twists and turns – she can’t get comfortable. She feels the negativity, and doesn’t like it. No one does.

Think of an office or home environment. You can tell when someone is oozing negative energy. It brings every one down. Nasty stuff.

Where is the source of the energy? How do we tap into it? Is it sustainable? For me, I’ve found it with God. With God, energy flows like a raging river. It’s world-changing energy.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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