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I Smell Poison

Years ago I sprayed some kitchen cleaner, Fantastic or something, on our kitchen table after snack time. My son was sitting there – not super close to the spray, but near enough to catch a whiff. He didn’t say anything, but he did start acting differently. It was subtle. It could be described as a sudden irritability. There may have been other factors, but I swear the spray effected, what my wife and I came to find out was, our highly sensitive child.

I might have brushed it off, but my wife noticed the behavior change too. We stopped using that product, and every other “brand” cleaner we had lying around the house. It just made sense, common sense. Using heavy toxins to wipe juice off a table is a tad overkill. A damp cloth works fine. We switched to organic cleaners entirely. Mostly, we just use water.

I don’t know what health benefits we experience today, if any. This isn’t a scientific experiment. I do know this – when I even smell those brand cleaners, I smell poison. Recently, I was walking down the aisle of a grocery store, the aisle with all the detergents, cleaners, sprays, and chemicals. After about 30 seconds, I started to feel light headed. I didn’t want to breath. This can’t be healthy.

There may be minimal risks involved, but why expose myself, or my family. I’ve found that since I’ve removed myself from toxic cleaners, processed foods, fast food…etc,  I feel amazing. Twenty-years-younger-amazing! When I was living the traditional American life and diet, I didn’t even notice things like this. I just felt lousy. I thought I was just getting old. I wasn’t. I was being posioned.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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