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My Grocery Store Smells Warehouse-ish

Have you ever noticed the smell in your grocery store? It smells, well, like a warehouse. This is strange for a place that is supposed to provide wholesome, fresh food.

The more I thought about it, it really is a warehouse. The food is shipped in on trucks, and then put on shelves. The bulk of the food has been modified to maximize shelf life. Most of it is processed – think the middle aisles that are full canned goods, crackers, chips, cereals.

Then there is the frozen section full of more processed foods, frozen treats, frozen meals, frozen vegetables. The dairy section is full of processed cheeses, yogurt, and homogenized milk. The deli – all processed. Seafood – packed on ice and shipped – nothing fresh.

The organic section is small, or non-existent. The produce section is full of fruits and vegetable shipped from giant conglomerates. It’s big business. Heck, even Wal-Mart and Target are selling food now. There are rarely any products from local farmers, and very little organic fruits and vegetables.

This is where we’re supposed to get our food? That’s not working for me. There’s something wrong with this picture. How are we suppose to feel good, thrive, lose weight, have energy, etc, etc, if we’re eating warehoused food? It doesn’t work that way!

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~ Ted Olson


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