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Oh My God – I Smiled

I had an interesting thing occur recently. I smiled. It wasn’t forced. It wasn’t fake. There were no external factors. It came from inside. It was natural.

I knew it was natural because I could feel new muscles being exercised in my face. It was a bit awkward. Those muscles are a little weak. A small feat for some, but huge for me. I don’t even know why I smiled, as I was simply standing in a grocery line.

I lost my natural smile years ago – probably when I was a kid. I have no idea, really. It’s been gone though – for a very long time. During these past decades I’ve seen counselors, taken medication, read books, studied theology, all in the pursuit of happiness, completeness, fullness. I never found it.

Strange that a natural smile should surface in a grocery store line. Don’t get me wrong, I do experience joy. I love to laugh and have fun. Joy from within, however, has always been allusive for me. I can see it in other people. I want it.

I can attribute my new smile to one thing – a renewed trust in God. A new trust that no matter what happens, God is there. God is for me. He wants what’s best for me.

The smile was an acknowledgement, or perhaps a manifestation, of the joy that is growing inside. That’s just cool!

Thanks for reading this,
~ Ted Olson


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