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Paint The Barn Red

In the never ending quest for happiness, we tend to try all sorts of things – exercise, eating right, counseling, medication. These are the more positive approaches. The list could be drugs, alcohol, pornography…etc. Why don’t any of these work very well, or for long?

Don’t get me wrong, exercise, eating right – all great. But it doesn’t lead to that inner peace we all seek. Why?

I heard an old quote recently that went something like this: You can paint the barn red, but you might want to get rid of the dung inside.

Put another way – until we deal with our core “crap,” happiness, peace, contentment will evade us. This is hard though. As Ben Franklin noted: There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.

I was talking with my wife recently about some struggles she was having. Like an idiot, I tried to tell her what to do. I blabbed on about focusing on the positive and shifting one’s framework. Fortunately, midstream, I was able to shift gears and listen. Rather than pontificate, I started helping her do some cleaning – to voice the “voices” that were sabotaging her happiness.

While this type of therapy is not the complete answer either, directionally it gets at the core of knowing one’s self. It helps to provide clarity. It also brought us together as a team. This is what God wants with us. When we turn to God he works with us and cleans us up. He works from the inside out.

Before we know it, we’re glowing.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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