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Start Everyday Like This

I learn so much from my kids. This leap into the air from my son, Thomas, is how I want to start each day. As my good friend, Sean, stated when I posted it on Facebook, “It combines freedom, joy, and Chuck Norris all in one.”

Rather than worry and complain about everything that can go wrong in a day, my kids teach me to treasure the moment. To, literally, jump for joy. I’m stunned at how often I fail to do this.

God wants to unleash this type of freedom, joy, and “Chuck Norris” in us all. God wants us to rock each day – through Him! He wants us to use the gifts He’s given us and celebrate life. Celebrate him. That’s life. That’s how to be truly happy.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson

PS, aside from a few minor scratches, no children were injured during this photo shoot.


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  1. Joy in the middle of the stuff of life, including tragedy, pain, and every form of brokenness is one of the truly miraculous signs that God is real, alive, and at work in the everyday lives of people. Joy is the reminder that there are good things in the world that can never be stolen or taken away.

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