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The Amazing Power Of People

I’m surrounded by people that teach me how to live life to the fullest. They’re just like you and me, and possess incredible gifts. Some are close to me. Others are casual friends. They all play a crucial part of the very important work in progress that is me.

One friend, I call the Protector. He’ll go after anything that threatens people’s safety. He’ll chase a wild animal down the street, if necessary. He teaches me to be courageous. Another I call the Encourager, because he makes it a point to remind people how cool they are. He helps me see the value in people, in relationships, and in myself.

There’s an old guy, I call Captain Humble. He’s so humble I can’t do anything but be influenced by his humility. He never looks at me judgmentally, despite the crazy things I say and do, and always has a kind word. He shows me that true power is full of grace and humility.

I have another friend who is the ultimate Facilitator. He just brings people together and let’s God go to work. The outcome is often downright profound. He reminds me to trust, and to let God work in my life. I don’t have to control every single detail.

I have another I call the Wise. Before she speaks she chooses her words carefully and considerately. She reminds me of the power of words, and to think before I speak so I enrich, rather than harm. Then there is the Prayer Lady. She prays with expectancy, honesty, and faithfulness. She reminds me of the power of prayer, and building one’s relationship with God.

Of course there is the Brain, reminding me to stay sharp. And the Equalizer, reminding me that despite credentials, money, power, and influence, we’re all equal in God’s eyes – we’re all family. There is always a Joker. This one reminds me to enjoy life, to loosen up, to be free. Then there’s the Leader who frequently reminds me that when there is a situation that needs leading, step up – do it!

The above are just some of my teachers, and a few of their gifts. I have many others: the Practical, The Patient, The Kind, The Dedicated, The Passionate, The Trustworthy, The Helper. Their titles describe the obvious lessons we all need.

Of course with all this knowledge disseminating from my teachers and coursing through my veins I then get to practice on the Critical, the Negative, the Hypocritical, the Judgmental, the Dishonest, the Weak, and many, many others. Through it all I learn patience, compassion, empathy, understanding, forgiveness, grace, and true power.

They all strengthen my ability to love.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted


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